The most scientifically proven way to improve your speed and strength in Seattle.Our services focuses on personalized individual attention that gets results and limits injuries.

DM Athletics
The best strength training program in Seattle
individualized training programs

At DM Athletics we provide quality training that delivers results.

Our method is to consistently assess our athletes to discover their weaknesses and define realistic goals that we know they can achieve with our help and support. Each athlete works with a Seattle strength and conditioning coach, who makes sure the fitness and nutrition program is constantly updated to his or her needs.

Our individually designed programs help them to continuously develop and achieve their ultimate goals. Every four to six weeks we follow up with our clients to ensure we are on track and avoiding a plateau, with our extensive assessments we can successfully track our clients amazing progress. We believe that athletics training in Kirkland isn’t only about hard work, but also about motivation and the mentorship of a professional Kirkland strength strength coach.



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