The Best Thing to Do for Recovery


There are so many things out there that claim to help people recover faster, and perform at their best.  We want to give our people the best scientific and research backed tools we’ve got.  The thing is, tools don’t always need to cost money.  Here are some of the best lifestyle changes which can aid in your recovery process.

In Peak Performance, Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness prove that one of the most positive things that athletes and high performers can do in order to recover, is to socialize with their peers.  Seek a stress-free environment, where everyone can decompress and relax.  It’s simple.  We naturally need time to chill out and connect with others who are going through the same experiences as we are.  That, alongside being able to joke around and enjoy shared time together, does great things for our spirit.

We’ve covered some of the other things you can engage in, in previous blog posts and newsletters—but just to review; proper breathing, sleep, hydration and nutrition will all help in your recovery and performance levels.  If you execute these things with the focus of a high performing athlete, you will have more energy, feel, look younger and in turn, produce better results.

While powerful on their own, all of these lifestyle practices combined, can double and even triple the amount of energy you have to draw from throughout the day.  Everything comes back to energy.  Your ability to focus and complete tasks, have the stamina to continue on when everyone else is tired, and recover faster, are just some of the benefits of focusing on lifestyle.


Donny Mateaki

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