Team Training

This option is for teams who are interested in having a training program designed for their team. 

We build programs and provide a high energy environment that will not only get teams to perform at their highest level, but reduce the injury rate significantly.  This program is for team who are interested in taking the next step and working towards a championship.  We will not work with a team who do not have this goal in mind.  We commit ourselves to researching the best ways to improves sports performance in order to help teams and athletes discover their potential.  When that is not the goal of the team then it will not be worth our time for us to work with athletes and coaching who are not serious.

What are the benefits?

  • Build Team Chemistry
  • Strength Training
  • Improve Speed
  • Reduce the injuries rate

See Our Awesome Results

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Alex Keough


“I fully endorse and recommend DM Athletics to anyone looking to take their game to the next level. Donny has the knowledge and dedication that it takes to help you achieve your goals. His research based methods have improved athletes of all sports. Donny focuses not only on getting you stronger, faster, and more explosive, but also focuses on injury prevention–an often overlooked aspect of the strength training process.

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Semisi Tokolahi


“While I completed my college career as a University of Washington football player, I began thinking of a place in which I could prepare myself for my pro day. I had experienced a very serious leg injury—breaking my fibula and dislocating my ankle. The nerve damage created contractions in my toes.

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