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The Best Thing to Do for Recovery

There are so many things out there that claim to help people recover faster, and perform at their best.  We want to give our people the best scientific and research backed tools we’ve got.  The thing is, tools don’t always need to cost money.  Here are some of the best lifestyle changes which can aid in your […]

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Peak Performance

In our never ending strive to seek ways in which we can better help athletes, we’ve been reading and researching.  Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness, has been especially intriguing, in the way that it demonstrates scientifically proven strategies for people to perform at their highest level.  Four in particular, stood out. First things […]

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The Importance of Proper Training!

I wish I had the right professional help when I was an aspiring football player. My friend and Kirkland chiropractor Dr. Wen just wrote a great article(link) about how to improve your squat that I volunteered to be his model because it’s something I want my clients to be good at. If you check it […]

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Eliminate Exercise Induced Asthma!

    Can you really eliminate exercise induced asthma?  According to Dr. Patrick McKeown, in The Oxygen Advantage, he explains how it is 100% preventable.  This was eye opening to me, as I’ve worked with several athletes who deal with this condition.  To find that there’s a way I can help them in this aspect, […]

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